Jul 14

Roach believes Miguel Cotto can beat Martinez

Freddie Roach, the legendary boxing trainer is not to be easily impressed and he doesn’t like much the fighting techniques of the World Boxing Council or the WBC Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.

The Argentine legend will put his title on the line once again this June at the fabled Madison Square Garden arena in New York City against the newest protégé of Roach in the form of Miguel Cotto who will attempt to secure his fourth world title in a fourth different weight class.

Martinez has a fighting style that can be considered unorthodox at best, where his hands are often placed near his waist. He uses a combination of quickness and a solid defense to get away from the incoming punches from his opponents. But Roach believes this style is catching up to the Argentine as he has been knocked down in his last two fights.

And Roach believes Miguel Cotto is the kind of person who will take advantage of that style of Martinez. He mentioned that anyone who fights with his hands near his waist with no reason for them being there makes him laugh. He says that there is a way of beating that style and Cotto will have that advantage all night long because Martinez will not be able to change his fighting style.

Roach has a previous history of going up against Martinez when back in 2012, he trained Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. ahead of his fight against the Argentinean and although he lost the first eleven rounds, he erupted during the last round and dropped Martinez to the floor.

And Roach believes if Chavez was serious with his training, he could have defeated Martinez and he is sure someone like Miguel Cotto will be able to do that because he studies his opponents closely.

Jun 14

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Jun 14

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May 14

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Mar 14

Froch ordered to fight a rematch

Carl Froch has been ordered by the IBF to have a rematch against George Groves. If the super middleweight champion refuses to have the rematch within the next 90 days then he may be losing his belt. The International Boxing Federation ruled out any rumors about “inappropriate conduct” by the referee which may have contributed to the winning of Froch against Groves in November.

Howard Foster the referee of that match stopped the fight in the ongoing ninth round and it immediately became controversial and that is why the appeal of Groves stands for IBF. Froch had managed to defeat Groves on the 23rd of November last year when Foster stopped the fight and his decision was highly criticized by various sections from the crowd. Groves later said that the contest was over too soon which should not have happened. IBF on the other hand agreed to the fact that the panel is confident that the referee gave proper warnings to both Groves and Froch but he refused to deduct points from any of them. The panel also felt that when the fight was stopped in the ninth round the referee should have allowed Groves to continue because he was not hurt seriously and in fact was counter punching Froch at that moment.

The match was played over and over to make sure no footage went missing and the correct decision was taken for this. Apart from this the footage also shows the referee to have stopped the match from Groves’ behind and not from the front. Although Groves did not show any signs of getting hurt he had to stop because of the referee’s decision. Lindsey E Tucker the chairman of IBF Championships said that Froch has 90 days in hand to go for a rematch against Groves and if he doesn’t then he would probably be losing his IBF title.

Mar 14

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Feb 14

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Jan 14

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Dec 13

White keeps mum on Belfort future

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC legend Vitor Belfort continued his impressive winning streak with strikes to end matches by beating Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32 last month, inflicting a first ever career defeat on Henderson by knockout in his 39 outings inside the UFC Octagon.

It was also the third straight fight that the Brazilian finished with a kick to the head.

And one wouldn’t be too wrong to think that this performance warrants a shot at the title and speaking in a press conference recently, Dana White, the president of the UFC gave as much a hint as possible regarding a shot at the title for the Brazilian in the future.

He stated that the UFC is still to do the rematch between the UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva and added that that match has to happen. He went on to add that Silva, Weidman, Lyoto Machida – there are plenty of big fights ahead for Vitor Belfort, before commenting that there is nothing but big fights for the Phenom.

White also hinted that if the UFC decided to do a rematch of the epic Vitor Belfort showdown against Anderson Silva, a football stadium in Brazil would be filled up in no time.

But White then proceeded to state that there is nothing for certain in the UFC. One fighter could get hurt in the Silva-Weidman match and be out of action for a while and that will send the entire division into a tizzy once again.

Meanwhile, Lyoto Machida has also expressed an interest in taking on Belfort, mentioning that according to him, his fellow Brazilian is the best option that he has in front of him and he would love to have a crack at him in the future.